Auxiliary Product

Xinhai uphold what you need is what we can do, providing the full service for our customers. All sorts of wear-out parts, accessories and consumables are the guarantee of continuable manufacture. Founded 20 years, Xinhai Mining summarized customer experience. According to the actual circumstance of concentrating plant, Xinhai made plans of equipment part and beneficiation consumables for each customer, ensuring the continuable operation and plant production. The beneficiation consumables provided by Xinhai have serviced for more than 20 years, went through market test with its good quality and low consumption and long life, is the first choice for each concentration plant plant.


Accessories and spare parts are very important material conditions for equipment maintenance work. Supplying accessories and spare parts in time, not only improve the serviceability rate of equipment, but also shorten equipment repairing time. So each enterprise must do well the work of accessories, spare parts’ supply, not only product accessories in a planned way according to equipment maintenance plan, but also product and reserve a certain variety and amount of spare parts.